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Skills available for Florida fifth-grade social studies standards

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SS.5.A American History

SS.5.C Civics and Government

  • SS.5.C.1 Foundations of Government, Law, and the American Political System

    • SS.5.C.1.1 Explain how and why the United States government was created.

    • SS.5.C.1.2 Define a constitution, and discuss its purposes.

    • SS.5.C.1.3 Explain the definition and origin of rights.

    • SS.5.C.1.4 Identify the Declaration of Independence's grievances and Articles of Confederation's weaknesses.

    • SS.5.C.1.5 Describe how concerns about individual rights led to the inclusion of the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution.

    • SS.5.C.1.6 Compare Federalist and Anti-Federalist views of government.

  • SS.5.C.2 Civic and Political Participation

    • SS.5.C.2.1 Differentiate political ideas of Patriots, Loyalists, and "undecideds" during the American Revolution.

    • SS.5.C.2.2 Compare forms of political participation in the colonial period to today.

    • SS.5.C.2.3 Analyze how the Constitution has expanded voting rights from our nation's early history to today.

    • SS.5.C.2.4 Evaluate the importance of civic responsibilities in American democracy.

    • SS.5.C.2.5 Identify ways good citizens go beyond basic civic and political responsibilities to improve government and society.

  • SS.5.C.3 Structure and Functions of Government

SS.5.E Economics

SS.5.G Geography