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Skills available for Indiana fifth-grade social studies standards

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1 Students describe the historical movements that influenced the development of the United States from pre-Columbian times up to 1800, with an emphasis on the American Revolution and the founding of the United States.

2 Students identify main components and characteristics of the United States government. They identify and explain key ideas in government from the colonial and founding periods that continue to shape civic and political life.

3 Students describe the influence of the Earth/sun relationship on climate and use global grid systems; identify regions; describe physical and cultural characteristics; and locate states, capitals and major physical features of the United States. They also explain the changing interaction of people with their environment in regions of the United States and show how the United States is related geographically to the rest of the world.

4 Students describe the productive resources and market relationships that influence the way people produce goods and services and earn a living in the United States in different historical periods. Students consider the importance of economic decision making and how people make economic choices that influence their future.

  • 5.4.1 Describe the economic activities within and among Native American Indian cultures prior to contact with Europeans. Examine the economic incentives that helped motivate European exploration and colonization.

  • 5.4.2 Summarize a market economy and give examples of how the colonial and early American economy exhibited these characteristics.

  • 5.4.3 Define types of trade barriers.

  • 5.4.4 Describe the impact of technological developments and major inventions on business productivity during the early development of the United States.

  • 5.4.5 Explain how education and training, specialization and investment in capital resources increase productivity.

  • 5.4.6 Use economic reasoning to explain why certain careers are more common in one region than in another and how specialization results in more interdependence.

  • 5.4.7 Predict the effect of changes in supply and demand on price.

  • 5.4.8 Analyze how the causes and effects of changes in price of certain goods and services had significant influence on events in United States history.

  • 5.4.9 Explain the purpose and components of a personal budget and compare factors that influence household saving and spending decisions in early United States history and today.