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Skills available for Kentucky third-grade social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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3.C Civics

  • 3.C.CP Civic and Political Institutions

    • 3.C.CP.1 Explain the basic purposes and functions of differing governing bodies in the world.

    • 3.C.CP.2 Compare how diverse societies govern themselves.

  • 3.C.RR Roles and Responsibilities of a Citizen

  • 3.C.CV Civic Virtues and Democratic Principles

    • 3.C.CV.1 Compare civic virtues and democratic principles within a variety of diverse world communities.

  • 3.C.PR Processes, Rules and Laws

    • 3.C.PR.1 Explain how processes, rules and laws influence how individuals are governed and how diverse world communities address problems.

3.E Economics

3.G Geography

  • 3.G.MM Migration and Movement

    • 3.G.MM.1 Analyze how human settlement and movement impact diverse groups of people.

  • 3.G.HI Human Interactions and Interconnections

    • 3.G.HI.1 Explain how the cultural aspects of a region spread beyond its borders.

  • 3.G.HE Human Environment Interaction

    • 3.G.HE.1 Explain how the culture of places and regions influence how people modify and adapt to their environments.

  • 3.G.GR Geographic Reasoning

    • 3.G.GR.1 Explain how physical and cultural characteristics of world regions affect people, using a variety of maps, photos and other geographic representations.

  • 3.G.KGE Kentucky Geography

    • 3.G.KGE.1 Describe the impact of cultural diffusion and blending on Kentucky in the past and today.

3.H History

  • 3.H.CH Change and Continuity

    • 3.H.CH.1 Create and use chronological reasoning to learn about significant figures, traditions and events of diverse world communities.

    • 3.H.CH.2 Identify contributions made by inventors in diverse world communities.

  • 3.H.CE Cause and Effect

  • 3.H.CO Conflict and Compromise

    • 3.H.CO.1 Evaluate the effects of people, goods and ideas that diffused from one world community into other world communities and the effects of the people, goods and ideas on these communities.

  • 3.H.KH Kentucky History

    • 3.H.KH.1 Explain how world events impact Kentucky, both in the past and today.