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Skills available for Nebraska fifth-grade social studies standards

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Students will utilize economic reasoning skills to make informed judgments and become effective participants in the economy at the local, state, national and international levels.

  • Markets

    • SS 5.2.1 Students will analyze various markets where buyers and sellers exchange goods or services.

    • SS 5.2.2 Students will make observations about how human capital can be improved by education, training, and standard of living.

      • SS 5.2.2.a Give examples of how additional education/training improves productivity and increases standard of living (e.g., apprentice, journeyman, master electrician)

  • Institutions

    • SS 5.2.3 Students will summarize characteristics of economic institutions in the United States.

      • SS 5.2.3.a Identify the functions and characteristics of money (e.g., store value, medium of exchange, unit of accounting)

      • SS 5.2.3.b Identify the importance of financial institutions to households and businesses (e.g., loans to agriculture, business, and individuals in order to provide capital)

      • SS 5.2.3.c Identify rules and laws that protect and support consumers (e.g., private property, contracts, agreements, and product safety)

  • Financial Literacy

    • SS 5.2.6 Students will summarize characteristics of financial institutions.

      • SS 5.2.6.a Explain/explore how various financial services are provided by local financial institutions

  • Government

    • SS 5.2.10 Students will understand what goods and services the national government provides.

      • SS 5.2.10.a Identify goods and services funded through federal taxes (e.g., armed forces, courts, parks)

  • Globalization