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Skills available for North Dakota eighth-grade social studies standards

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ND North Dakota Studies Standards

  • ND.6_12.1 Examine the physical and human geography of North Dakota and how it has changed.

    • ND.6_12.1.1 Identify the three landscape regions of North Dakota and describe the major features of the regions and the forces that formed them.

    • ND.6_12.1.2 Explain the human settlement patterns in North Dakota.

    • ND.6_12.1.3 Interpret current thematic maps to identify where people live and work and how land is used.

  • ND.6_12.2 Explain the development and functions of North Dakota's state and local governments, tribal governments and the role of citizens.

    • ND.6_12.2.1 Describe the structure, role, and formation of tribal governments, both present and past, in North Dakota.

    • ND.6_12.2.2 Describe the formation, structure, and modern role of the territorial, state, county, and local government of North Dakota.

    • ND.6_12.2.3 Explain the impact of political organizations and individual citizens on the political systems and institutions of North Dakota.

  • ND.6_12.3 Evaluate the major industries and economic activities in North Dakota.

    • ND.6_12.3.1 Describe the early economic activities of our state prior to 1900 and how they developed into North Dakota's modern economy.

    • ND.6_12.3.2 Identify the current economic activities in the state of North Dakota and evaluate their positive and negative impact.

  • ND.6_12.4 Analyze the historical and current events and their impact on the development of North Dakota.

    • ND.6_12.4.1 Identify the Native American groups in North Dakota before European contact and describe their culture.

    • ND.6_12.4.2 Analyze European exploration and early settlement of North Dakota and its impact on Native American groups.

    • ND.6_12.4.3 Describe the major factors that brought settlers to North Dakota.

    • ND.6_12.4.4 Analyze the effect of government policy, both historical and modern, toward Native American groups in North Dakota.

    • ND.6_12.4.5 Evaluate the growth and struggles of the modernization of North Dakota and the role the state has played in modern America.

    • ND.6_12.4.6 Use various primary and secondary resources to acquire, analyze, and evaluate information.