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Skills available for Oklahoma second-grade social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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1 The student will develop and demonstrate Common Core informational text reading literacy skills.

2 The student will develop and demonstrate Common Core writing literacy skills.

3 The student will develop and demonstrate Common Core speaking and listening skills.

  • A Comprehension and Collaboration

    • 1 Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about Grade 2 Our Democratic Heritage topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups.

    • 2 Recount or describe key ideas or details from a social studies text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media.

    • 3 Ask and answer questions about what a speaker says in order to clarify comprehension, gather additional information, or deepen understanding of a social studies topic or issue.

  • B Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas

    • 4 Tell a social studies related story with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, and speaking audibly in coherent sentences.

    • 5 Create audio recordings of social studies stories or poems; add drawings or other visual displays to stories or recounts of experiences when appropriate to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

1 The student will explain the importance of the basic principles that provide the foundation of the American system of government.

  • 1 Summarize the five key individual rights and liberties protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

  • 2 Identify the basic roles of national leaders including the President of the United States and the members of the United States Congress.

  • 3 Identify important American symbols and explain their meanings including United States Flag, the Bald Eagle, the Statue of Liberty, Lady Justice, and the Liberty Bell.

  • 4 Participate in patriotic traditions including the recitation of The Pledge of Allegiance and singing of The Star Spangled Banner, and demonstrate proper flag etiquette and appropriate behavior during both.

  • 5 Describe relationships between people and events of the past which are commemorated on Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday, Flag Day, and Independence Day.

2 The student will understand basic economic concepts in the American economy.

  • 1 Describes ways people are paid for their labor and how goods and services are purchased through means like check, cash, and credit cards, and provide examples of interdependence through trade/barter and purchase.

  • 2 Describe the connection between taxes and community services including schools, sanitation and water, fire and police protection, libraries, and roads.

3 The student will examine how humans modify their environment.

4 The student will examine the lives of notable Americans who expanded peoples' rights and freedoms in the American system of government.