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Skills available for Oregon third-grade social studies standards

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Civics and Government

  • 3.1 Examine how different levels of city and county government provide services to members of a community.

  • 3.2 Describe the responsibilities of people in their community and state.

  • 3.3 Explain how a community relies on active civic participation and identify opportunities for student participation in local and regional issues.


Multicultural Studies

Financial Literacy

  • 3.7 Analyze the impact of personal financial decisions on personal, community, regional, and world resources. (i.e., how my individual financial actions have an impact on myself/others/resources)


  • 3.8 Use geographical tools (maps, satellite images, photographs, Google Earth, and other representations) to identify multiple ways to divide Oregon into areas (such as tribal, river systems, interstate highways, county, physical, industry, agricultural).

  • 3.9 Describe and compare physical and human characteristics of regions in Oregon (tribal, cultural, agricultural, industrial, etc.).

  • 3.10 Identify and analyze Oregon's natural resources and describe how people in Oregon and other parts of the world use them.

History (Focus: Our Community and Beyond [Emphasis on Oregon Geography and Local/Regional History])

Social Science Analysis