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Skills available for Oregon sixth-grade social studies standards

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Civics and Government–Western Hemisphere (countries other than the United States)

Economics–Western Hemisphere

Multicultural Studies

Financial Literacy

  • 6.9 Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of checks, stored value cards, debit cards, gift cards and online and mobile payments.

  • 6.10 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money to buy something.

  • 6.11 Identify and explain ways to manage risk and how insurance plays a role in mitigating loss. (wearing helmets, bike theft, piggy bank v. bank).

  • 6.12 Define and explain the following: spending, savings, credit, and debt.

Geography–Western Hemisphere

  • 6.13 Construct and analyze maps, graphs, charts, models, and databases to make inferences and predictions regarding geographic distributions (e.g., perceptual impacts for creating boundaries, borders, cultural regions of indigenous peoples).

  • 6.14 Identify and describe how the physical and human characteristics of places and regions connect to human identities and cultures in the Western Hemisphere.

  • 6.15 Explain and demonstrate how changes in transportation and communication technology affects the spatial connections among human settlements and the diffusion of ideas and cultural practices (such as, religion, land use, population).

  • 6.16 Explain how technological developments, societal decisions, and personal practices influence sustainability.

History [Western Hemisphere–World History]

Social Science Analysis