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Skills available for Oregon fourth-grade social studies standards

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Civics and Government

  • 4.1 Investigate how the establishment, organization, and function of the Oregon government, its Constitution and its laws enforced and/or violated democratic conceptions of equity and justice for individuals and groups including Native Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and other immigrant groups.

  • 4.2 Explain how Oregon achieved statehood and identify the stakeholders involved.

  • 4.3 Examine the Government and Constitutions' of the nine federally recognized Oregon tribes.


Financial Literacy



  • Historical Knowledge (Focus: Oregon's Past [Oregon History])

    • 4.12 Analyze the distinct way of knowing and living amongst the different American Indian tribes in Oregon prior to colonization, such as religion, language, and cultural practices and the impact of acculturation and the ongoing perseverance and exercise of tribal sovereignty of Native Americans.

    • 4.13 Identify and explain how discrimination based on race, gender, economic, and social group identity created and continues to affect the history, growth, and current experience of residents of Oregon.

    • 4.14 Give examples of how early non-American Indian explorers and settlers in Oregon changed Oregon's agriculture, settlement patterns, industrial, political, and business development over time, and its impact on the people of the state including people of different socioeconomic status, racial/ethnic groups, religious groups, and other traditionally marginalized groups.

    • 4.15 Give examples of how changes in Oregon's agricultural, industrial, political, and business development over time, impacts people of the state including traditionally underrepresented groups.

  • Historical Thinking (Skills)

    • 4.16 Distinguish between fact and fiction in historical accounts by comparing documentary sources on historical figures and events with fictional characters and events in stories.

    • 4.17 Create and evaluate timelines exploring the relationships among the people, events, and movements of resistance and justice in Oregon.

    • 4.18 Use primary and secondary sources to explain events in Oregon history.

    • 4.19 Infer the purpose of a primary source and from that the intended audience.

Social Science Analysis