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Australia, Oceania, Antarctica

  • 7.3 Analyze the cultural, economic, environmental, physical, political, and population geographies of contemporary Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica.

    • 7.3.1.PR Identify select Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica physical systems and human characteristics of places.

    • 7.3.2.ER Identify climate and vegetation regions and the spatial distributions and patterns of natural resources, including the impact of their location on human activities.

    • 7.3.3.HS Explain the current human population distributions and patterns of Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica, and use geographic models to compare the conditions driving migration and demographic change.

    • 7.3.4.HS Compare and contrast the dynamic physical and human conditions that lead to the creation of ethnic, gender, language, and religious landscapes of Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica.

    • 7.3.5.HS Identify and analyze the current political borders using maps, and explain resource relationships between Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica and other continents.

    • 7.3.6.AG Gather evidence and construct a map or model to investigate a significant contemporary cultural, economic, or political issue facing Australia, Oceania, or Antarctica at the local, regional, or global scale.


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