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Skills available for South Carolina first-grade social studies standards

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  • 1.E Utilize the college and career skills of an economist to understand how economic decisions affect South Carolinians.

    • 1.E.1 Compare goods and services in the school, community, and state.

    • 1.E.2 Explain how goods and services change over time.

    • 1.E.3 Research and describe how goods and services differ in rural, suburban, and urban areas in South Carolina.

    • 1.E.4 Identify an economic want or need at the local or state level and create a solution in the form of a good or a service.

Civics & Government

  • 1.CG Utilize the college and career skills of a political scientist to understand and display civic dispositions about contemporary South Carolina.

    • 1.CG.1 Demonstrate how civic dispositions encourage citizens with diverse beliefs and backgrounds to work together for a common goal.

    • 1.CG.2 Describe the basic purpose, structure, and functions of South Carolina's government at both the local and state level.

    • 1.CG.3 Demonstrate ways to display active and responsible citizenship in local and state government.

    • 1.CG.4 Collaborate with others to identify, resolve, and communicate resolutions on a local or state issue.