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Skills available for Tennessee second-grade social studies standards

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  • 2.13 Compare how maps and globes depict geographical information in different ways.

  • 2.14 Construct a globe depicting the four hemispheres, seven continents, and five oceans using the equator and prime meridian.

  • 2.15 Create a map depicting the current boundaries of the United States, Canada, and Mexico and recognize they are part of the North American continent.

  • 2.16 Utilize legends, cardinal directions, and grids to determine locations on different types of maps.

  • 2.17 Locate major cities, bodies of water, mountain ranges and rivers in the United States.

  • 2.18 Compare physical features of the earth, including islands, lakes, mountains, oceans, peninsulas, plains, plateaus, rivers, and valleys.

  • 2.19 Compare and contrast the regions of the United States (Southeast, Northeast, Great Plains, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest) in terms of climate, physical features, and population.

  • 2.20 Analyze the differences in natural resources in the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee and make connections to the major industries that are found in each.