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Skills available for Texas sixth-grade social studies standards

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  • 8 The student understands the factors of production in a society's economy.

  • 9 The student understands the various ways in which people organize economic systems.

    • A compare ways in which various societies organize the production and distribution of goods and services;

    • B compare and contrast free enterprise, socialist, and communist economies in various contemporary societies, including the benefits of the U.S. free enterprise system;

    • C understand the importance of morality and ethics in maintaining a functional free enterprise system; and

    • D examine the record of collective, non-free market economic systems in contemporary world societies.

  • 10 The student understands categories of economic activities and the data used to measure a society's economic level.

    • A define and give examples of agricultural, wholesale, retail, manufacturing (goods), and service industries;

    • B describe levels of economic development of various societies using indicators such as life expectancy, gross domestic product (GDP), GDP per capita, and literacy; and

    • C identify and describe the effects of government regulation and taxation on economic development and business planning.



  • 13 The student understands that the nature of citizenship varies among societies.

  • 14 The student understands the relationship among individual rights, responsibilities, duties, and freedoms in societies with representative governments.

    • A identify and explain the duty of civic participation in societies with representative governments; and

    • B explain relationships among rights, responsibilities, and duties in societies with representative governments.


Science, technology, and society.

Social studies skills.