Printable resources

Fun and useful materials for your classroom
Use these free printables, from customizable certificates to class progress charts, to keep students motivated as they use IXL!

Username and password cards

Make sure forgotten sign-in info doesn't keep your students from practicing! Print these cards so student usernames and passwords are always at hand. You can even print them on sticker paper so they really stick with your students!

Remember: If your school has a custom sign-in page, remind your students to start there.

Parent handout

Did you know that your students can use IXL at home, school, or anywhere with an Internet connection? Print this handout for parents to show how they can continue the fun at home!


SmartScore goal poster

Motivate students to reach new milestones with our SmartScore goal posters! Pin up a poster in your classroom to visually explain IXL's SmartScore and help students set scoring targets to hit.

IXL Recommendations info sheet

Every student has a Recommendations wall full of personalized skill suggestions. Display these posters to help students understand the different recommendation types or to show them which type you'd like them to work on!

Diagnostic Tracker

Empower your students to monitor their own growth this school year with Diagnostic tracking worksheets! They'll enjoy discovering their learning levels, and you'll have reliable assessment data all year long. To learn more about the Real-Time Diagnostic, check out our Quick-Start Guide.

Customizable certificates

All students are individuals, and you know best what motivates them. With these customizable certificates, you can honor any achievement that you deem excellent! Print them out to praise special class goals or personal student triumphs.

Bulletin Board printable pack

Create a space in your classroom to highlight your students' IXL achievements! This ready-made bulletin board kit has everything you need to celebrate progress in a fun, visual way.

Practice coupons

Encourage students to achieve practice goals with these coupons! Or, customize your own with different goals and incentives of your choice.

IXL Rockstar photo props

Students who complete 10,000 questions and classes that answer 100,000 questions are IXL Rockstars! Celebrate by snapping a photo with your certificate and these fun props—then e-mail it to us to be featured on our Facebook page.

Scavenger hunt

Have your students embark on a scavenger hunt to learn about everything IXL has to offer. Students will discover their diagnostic levels, explore recommended skills, learn how to set personal practice goals, and more!

Classroom goals posters

Help students visualize class goals with these eye-catching posters! Choose a style to print, add goals to work toward, and display it in your classroom for motivation. Take a look at the ready-made poster for ideas!

  • Classroom Goals Poster With Example Goals
  • Classroom Goals Poster With Beach Theme
  • Classroom Goals Poster With Crystal Theme
  • Classroom Goals Poster With Dinosaur Theme
  • Classroom Goals Poster With Farm Theme
  • Classroom Goals Poster With Lantern Theme
  • Classroom Goals Poster With Mountain Theme
  • Classroom Goals Poster With Tiger Theme

School break strategies

Keep the momentum going while your students are out on school break!

Plan activities for your class

Use these strategies to help students maintain the skills they've learned throughout the year.