Summer resources

Fun ways to keep students learning this summer
Did you know your students have access to IXL over the summer? IXL's printable summer resources will motivate your students to use IXL to keep their skills fresh—and have fun while doing it!
Nothing motivates students like a fun competition. Sign up your students for IXL's seventh annual Study in the Sun contest! Winners will receive an iPad.

Parent handout

Keep parents in the loop with this summer handout! It shows parents how to take advantage of IXL's engaging practice and monitor their children's progress.


Summer learning guides

IXL Summer Adventures

For an easy-breezy way to encourage student learning over the break, send them on an IXL Summer Adventure! They'll explore new topics with skills across all IXL subjects, organized around a fun theme for each day.

Summer break strategies

Help parents boost summer learning using IXL Recommendations! This handout outlines simple strategies that can build knowledge throughout the break.

Reflection logs

Encourage your students to be self–motivated learners by setting goals and reflecting on their progress! Students can use their IXL Recommendations wall or choose from the Progress and Improvement report or the Trouble Spots report in IXL Analytics to chart their growth over the break.

Learning activities

Inspire your students to embark on a learning adventure with these activities that ask students to make real–world connections and explore their surroundings.


Language Arts


Social studies

Diagnostic tracker

Empower your students to monitor their own growth this summer with Diagnostic tracking worksheets! They'll enjoy discovering their learning levels, and you'll have reliable assessment data when they return to school in the fall. If students need help using the Real-Time Diagnostic at home, check out these resources.

Bingo board

Have some summer fun with an IXL bingo board! Use our board or create your own, with a different goal or activity in each square. Challenge students to complete five goals in a row—horizontally, vertically or diagonally—and reward them with printable IXL sunglasses!

Practice coupons

Encourage students to achieve practice goals with these coupons! Or, customize your own with different goals and incentives of your choice.

Summer certificates

Celebrate success on IXL with these fun certificates! You can reward hard work in the IXL Study in the Sun summer contest as well as great dedication to summer learning.

Summer calendar

This colorful summer calendar is a great way for students to keep track of the days they worked on IXL or jot down the skills they practiced. You can also use it to recommend skills for students to practice each week!

Summer skills lists

Kick off a summer of learning by suggesting a list of skills for your students to practice over the summer!

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