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Skills available for Hawaii seventh-grade social studies standards

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SS.7HHK.1 Unification of the Hawaiian Kingdom

  • History

    • SS.7HHK.1.17 Change, Continuity, and Context

      • Unification of the Hawaiian Islands

        • SS.7HHK.1.17.1 Analyze the role of individuals, events, and ideas leading to the unification of the Hawaiian Kingdom

    • SS.7HHK.1.18 Perspectives

      • Arrival of James Cook

        • SS.7HHK.1.18.2 Compare and contrast Hawaiian and Western perspectives on the arrival of James Cook in Hawaiʻi

  • Civics

    • SS.7HHK.1.6 Civic and Political Institutions

      • Hawaiian Kingdom Under Kamehameha I

        • SS.7HHK.1.6.3 Assess the changes initiated by Kamehameha I on Hawaiian society after unification

SS.7HHK.2 The Developing Hawaiian Kingdom

SS.7HHK.3 The Late Hawaiian Kingdom

SS.7HHK.4 Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

SS.7PI.1 Early Pacific People

SS.7PI.2 Historic Encounters and Exchanges in the Pacific

SS.7PI.3 The Contemporary Pacific

  • Geography

    • SS.7PI.3.14 Human-Environment Interactions: Places, Regions, and Culture

      • Impact of Militarization and Nuclear Testing

        • SS.7PI.3.14.1 Explain the social, environmental, and economic impacts of nuclear testing and militarization on Pacific Islander peoples and island environments

  • History

    • SS.7PI.3.17 Change, Continuity, and Context

      • Contemporary Migration

        • SS.7PI.3.17.2 Analyze the reasons for contemporary migration of Pacific Islander populations

  • Civics

    • SS.7PI.3.8 Processes, Rules, and Laws

      • Contemporary Solutions

        • SS.7PI.3.8.3 Propose a research-based policy solution to a problem facing a Pacific Island nation