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Skills available for New Mexico first-grade social studies standards

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I Inquiry

  • 23 Construct Compelling and Supporting Questions

    • 1.1 Recognize a compelling question.

    • 1.2 Generate supporting questions related to compelling questions within a variety of social studies topics.

  • 24 Gather and Evaluate Sources

  • 26 Communicate and Critique Conclusions

    • 1.4 Construct responses to compelling questions using examples.

  • 27 Take Informed Action

    • 1.5 Take group or individual action to help address local, regional, and/or global problems or issues.

    • 1.6 Use deliberative and democratic procedures to make decisions about and act on civic problems or issues in their classrooms.

Theme 1 Living, Learning, and Working Together

Theme 2 Cultures Within Our Communities

Theme 3 Making Choices

Theme 4 Interactions With Our Physical Environment

Theme 5 Multiple Identities

  • Ethnic, Cultural, and Identity Studies

    • 20 Diversity and Identity

      • 1.21 Explain how groups of people believe different things and live in unique ways.

      • 1.22 Explain how student and individual identities are part of what makes each person unique and special.

Theme 6 Personal Financial Literacy