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Skills available for New Mexico fifth-grade social studies standards

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Civics and Government


  • IV Students understand basic economic principles and use economic reasoning skills to analyze the impact of economic systems (including the market economy) on individuals, families, businesses, communities, and governments.

    • 4-A explain and describe how individuals, households, businesses, governments and societies make decisions, are influenced by incentives (economic as well as intrinsic) and the availability and use of scarce resources, and that their choices involve costs and varying ways of allocating:

    • 4-B explain how economic systems impact the way individuals, households, businesses, governments and societies make decisions about resources and the production and distribution of goods and services:

      • 1 explain how all economic systems must consider the following: What will be produced? How will it be produced? For whom will it be produced; and

      • 2 identify the influence of bordering countries (Canada and Mexico) on United States commerce.

    • 4-C describe the patterns of trade and exchange in early societies and civilizations and explore the extent of their continuation in today's world:

      • 1 explain basic economic patterns of early societies (e.g., hunter-gathers, early farming, trade); and

      • 2 explain the economic motivation of exploration and colonization by colonial powers.