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Skills available for New Mexico fourth-grade social studies standards

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I Inquiry

Theme 1 New Mexico Government Past and Present

Theme 2 Migration and Settlement in New Mexico

Theme 3 New Mexico Trade and Industry

  • Economics/Personal Financial Literacy

    • 5 Economic Decision Making

    • 7 Economic Systems and Models

      • 4.16 Explain how trade and industry in New Mexico is impacted by bordering economies (Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas).

      • 4.17 Research and create a list of products, goods, and services that New Mexico imports and exports.

    • 8 Money and Markets

      • 4.18 Explore the significance of various industries in New Mexico.

Theme 4 Resources and Land Use in New Mexico

Theme 5 New Mexico Identity and Diversity

Theme 6 Personal Financial Literacy

  • Economics/Personal Financial Literacy

    • 10 Personal Financial Literacy

      • 4.27 Establish the purpose of banks and how they work.

      • 4.28 Explain what a checking and savings account are used for.