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Skills available for New Mexico eighth-grade social studies standards

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I Inquiry

Theme 1 Geography and Indigenous Peoples of North America

Theme 2 Age of Exploration and Exploitation

Theme 3 Colonization

Theme 4 Causes, Events, and Impact of the American Revolution

Theme 5 Constitution and Foundation of the Republic

Theme 6 Expansion and Displacement

Theme 7 Sectionalism

Theme 8 The Civil War

Theme 9 Reconstruction

Theme 10 Immigration and Industrialization

  • Civics

    • 4 Roles and Responsibilities of a Civic Life

      • 8.97 Investigate the causes and effects of diverse ideologies on politics, society, and culture that are associated with immigration and migration.

  • Economics/Personal Financial Literacy

    • 6 Incentives and Choices

      • 8.98 Analyze the benefits and challenges that are associated with rapidly growing urban areas because of industrialization.

  • Geography

    • 13 Movement, Population, and Systems

      • 8.99 Identify immigration and emigration factors that motivated groups to move to and within the United States during time periods of mass immigration.

  • History

    • 15 Historical Change, Continuity, Context, and Reconciliation

      • 8.1 Analyze the development of the women's suffrage movement over time and its legacy.

      • 8.101 Make personal connections to immigration stories and experiences—both in the past and in the present.

    • 18 Critical Consciousness and Perspectives

      • 8.102 Examine both sides in debate or academic discussion of politics in response to immigration.

Theme 11 Personal Financial Literacy

  • Economics/Personal Financial Literacy

    • 10 Personal Financial Literacy

      • 8.103 Determine the relationship between long-term goals and opportunity cost.

      • 8.104 Identify ways insurance may minimize personal financial risk.

      • 8.105 Illustrate the power of compounding to highlight the importance of investing at a young age.