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Skills available for Ohio second-grade social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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H History

G Geography

GOV Government

  • GOV.CP Civic Participation and Skills

    • GOV.CP.10 Respect for the rights of self and others includes making responsible choices and being accountable for personal actions.

    • GOV.CP.11 Groups are accountable for choices they make and actions they take.

  • GOV.RL Rules and Laws

E Economics

  • E.DM Economic Decision Making and Skills

    • E.DM.13 Information displayed on bar graphs can be used to compare quantities.

  • E.S Scarcity

  • E.PC Production and Consumption

  • E.M Markets

    • E.M.16 People use money to buy and sell goods and services.

  • E.FL Financial Literacy

    • E.FL.17 People earn income by working.