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Skills available for Ohio fourth-grade social studies standards

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H History

G Geography

  • G.ST Spatial Thinking and Skills

    • G.ST.9 A map scale and cardinal and intermediate directions can be used to describe the relative location of physical and human characteristics of Ohio and the United States.

  • G.PR Places and Regions

    • G.PR.10 The economic development of the United States continues to influence and be influenced by agriculture, industry and natural resources in Ohio.

    • G.PR.11 The regions of the United States known as the North, South and West developed in the early 1800s largely based on their physical environments and economies.

  • G.HS Human Systems

    • G.HS.12 People have modified the environment throughout history resulting in both positive and negative consequences in Ohio and the United States.

    • G.HS.13 The population of the United States has changed over time, becoming more diverse (e.g., racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious). Ohio's population has become increasingly reflective of the multicultural diversity of the United States.

    • G.HS.14 Ohio's location and its transportation systems continue to influence the movement of people, products and ideas in the United States.

GOV Government

  • GOV.CP Civic Participation and Skills

    • GOV.CP.15 Individuals have a variety of opportunities to act in and influence their state and national government. Citizens have both rights and responsibilities in Ohio and the United States.

    • GOV.CP.16 Civic participation in a democratic society requires individuals to make informed and reasoned decisions by accessing, evaluating and using information effectively to engage in compromise.

  • GOV.RL Rules and Laws

  • GOV.RS Roles and Systems of Government

    • GOV.RS.19 A constitution is a written plan for government. The Ohio Constitution and the U.S. Constitution separate the major responsibilities of government among three branches.

E Economics