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Skills available for South Carolina fourth-grade social studies standards

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A New Nation

Expansion and Sectionalism

A Divided Nation


  • 4.5 Demonstrate an understanding of the contributions different groups made to impact the economic, political, and social developments during Reconstruction of the United States and South Carolina in the period of 1860?1880.

    • 4.5.CO Compare the roles of various groups on Reconstruction.

    • 4.5.CE Analyze the impact of federal legislation on the South during Reconstruction.

    • 4.5.P Summarize Reconstruction as a turning point in American history.

    • 4.5.CX Contextualize the economic, labor, political, and social conditions in South Carolina during the period of Reconstruction.

    • 4.5.CC Identify and evaluate the impact of economic, political, and social events on the African American experience throughout Reconstruction.

    • 4.5.E Analyze multiple perspectives of the economic, political, and social effects of Reconstruction on different populations in the South and in other regions of the U.S.